Construction, Mining & Automobile Filters

The FRAM® history dates back over 75 years when the original chemists, Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldam, invented an easily-replaceable oil filtering element at their laboratory in Providence, RI. Automotive oil filters of various types had been on the market for nearly ten years, yet were difficult to install, change and clean. Franklin and Aldam, whose last name combination gave rise to the company name, set out to solve these problems with their revolutionary filters.

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Industry Technology

  • 10,000 mile filter for the longer oil change intervals
  • Updated version of Extended Guard, featuring a fully synthetic media for a 15,000 mile change interval
  • (Available in Canada only) 11,000 km oil filter for longer change intervals.
  • heavy duty fleet oil filter with a metered additive package that vastly extends oil filter change intervals.
  • Extensive coverage for On and Off road applications
  • Traditional and radial seal designs
  • Self-Spaced Pleat (SSP) technology
  • Eliminates pleat bunching
  • Provides uniform pleat spacing
  • High quality urethane gaskets
  • Bio Diesel fuel compatible filter media
  • Bio Diesel concerns
  • Changing to bio diesel cleans fuel systems
  • Contaminates can fill primary filters to capacity quickly until system is clean
  • Change primary and secondary filters together
  • Application specific filter media
  • Primary filters are designed for a balance between low restriction and required efficiency
  • Secondary filters are designed for maximum particle removal to prevent wear in injectors, pumps, and valves
  • Constructed with Heavy duty filter bodies and bottom plates
A highly contaminated filter will cause less air flow through cabin heating and air conditioning system and result in
  • Evaporator freeze up
  • Mold and mildew build-up in the evaporator case
  • Foul odors in the passenger compartment
  • Poor heat or cold air from ducts